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hi mj2008
I am a new member to your forum and so far I am quite impressed and I look forward to sharing and having intelligent discussions with other members.
I would like to start a thread, what I would consider will be a stimulating and hopefully a very popular topic on astrological trading. I have already spent almost the entire day preparing my article but when I searched the various forums, I was not able to find an appropriate place to start my thread. I noticed that a large area was dedicated to Forex trading, but since this is not entirely related to the Forex market, I did not think this would be the correct forum. I considered posting it in the Futures and stock market forum since that appeared to be the best place. But before I post my article, I would like to suggest that you create a WD Gann forum, since Gann has had such a strong influence over so many traders and trading methods, I thought that this would be the appropriate place to post my article.
Your comments or advise would be appreciated.


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Thank you very much it is very good idea i was thinking about it longtime ago , here is it :

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Hi WDGann360, I am awaiting for your article based on astrological trading.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

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I would also like to understand your intentions for posting the zenithgclubslot.blogspot link as part of your post. Are you trying to advertise?

Regarding your question, the article mentioned by WDGann360 on astrological trading has already been posted in the appropriate subforum and thread:



Such a nice idea to make an article based on astrological trading! Well, actually I do believe that astrology and the date of birth has a real impact on humans character and minding and I think that all these figures and dates underestimated people and this is a big mistake. Nevertheless, this is just my humble opinion, does not impose it


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Wd gann forum

I added it as 3rd option, but it is too similar to non-GM forum users names.
What about the current 4th?

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