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Trading is a fight with yourself!
Miny is a network and wallet provider allowing you to passively earn with the secure technology of mining.
Start Earning in 6 Simple Steps
Setup your free and secure wallet and earn in 6 steps!
Start benefiting from Miny and earn up to 19% monthly depending on the amount retained in your Mining Pool.

OFFICIAL - Miny Token price has doubled in less than 4 months! Miny Token price has doubled in less than 4 months! Before miny has made its mining pools accessible to the public we exclusively presented you this project due to its high potential. This potential can now be seen in the facts and figures that this project has achieved since June 2020. With +60,000 users registered in this platform, Miny sets an indication into the world of the cryptocurrencies and with many interested capital investors. If you had been there since our announcement about Miny, your daily mining profits would have doubled from 10-19% per month!

Only exclusive people with an invitation link can create a Miny account.Today, you have
the possibility to join the Miny Community and take part in this amazing investment

Daily Mining Rewards automatically credited to your wallet
You can start earning daily mining rewards by following two simple steps. First you need to
deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to your Miny account and then transfer your funds to
the mining pool. From then on your daily profits are automatically credited to your account
in Miny Tokens. You can then keep your earnings and also profit from the immense price
increase, reinvest or withdraw!

Known for maximum profit at low risk
The Miny Team has not won such a large and supportive community just by snapping their
hands. Miny shows how a transparent company operates and even lists all the risks that
could affect an investment and how it deals with these risks. By putting a large part of the
money into reserves, Miny ensures that companies are protected from potential crises and
even survived the Covid19 crisis with ease. In an official interview video with a business
development manager from Miny, direct questions from the community are answered.
Miny tries to build a connection and trust with your customers through various methods
and that is what makes this company so special!

Is Miny the future?
Miny uses a completely new concept in the cryptomining industry. Through the online
platform, people from all over the world can access's mining devices and win a
share of the profit. Despite the negative events that have occurred in the crypto market,
Miny seems to be able to prevail and connect to the crypto community. There are already
over 60,000 registered users. And in combination with the 20-Line Affiliate Program, this
number will grow exponentially. Be part of the Miny Community and join exclusively with
this invitation link:

Starting Price: $1 (June 2020)
Price Now: $2 (October 2020)
Price increase: 100%

What is Miny?
Miny is a cryptocurrency mining company that generates high but secure profits through a
combination of cloud mining and pool mining. With the creation of an account a wallet is
instantly created, where you have easy access to our mining pools.

Miny Token
The Miny Token is the trademark of this project. It will only be available during the first 12
months and acquirable only through returns and commissions that you can receive on the
Miny platform. The token, which was developed with an artificial scarcity, will always
increase in value when users sell parts of the token which they have acquired through
Miny profits, as these parts will be taken out of the total supply. After 12 months, the token
will be tradable on several exchanges and can be used as a medium of exchange for the
purchase mining-related products and services on the platform.

Miny Cloud Pool Mining
Get access to your Miny Wallet and lease computing power through the cloud of Miny.
With this high computational power they participate in mining pools. Thereby, they increase
the chances to identify nonces to earn the mining rewards and transaction fees. Miny’s
mining farm counts with over 5000 mining devices which deliver over 100,000 TH/s of

Miny AI
Miny has incorporated Artificial Intelligence into its operations to make mining even more
profitable. This way they can now calculate the probabilities of cryptocurrency values using
this AI algorithm. The operations are set to shift to mine more valuable coins depending on
the market changes, increasing the efficiency of their mining hardware devices.