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Honorary VIP Membership for the best contributing member.


Hi Admin/Mods,
I propose the idea of giving Honorary VIP Membership for the best contributing member for either the system or indicator, reviewed and approved by Mods and Admin.

I suggest a Honorary VIP Membership for a month or 2weeks or whatever duration you decide.

I guess, this will lead to best contributions.

What ever became of this suggestion?
Actually, Since I have the company that soon will open the doors, there will be a chance to get VIP membership here (min 3 months ) when subscribing to one of the services that will be provided. Admin is informed about this as well. :) So I would say that this is a win win situation since customers receive good signals, make money with them, and furthermore receives the VIP membership. It is my idea that will work.
Thumbs up my good friend!
I think that's great.. really novice idea...

If not then I see some credit point system (displayed like no of post ) for productive/constructive contribution which avail privileges (pro-rata based) to member in the consensus within board members/admin/chief..Thus.. motivate members causing enhanced contributions...

Want to make comment... you are most welcome...At least there should not be any ban on discussion...
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