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Help - staticx - forum account got banned after updating profile!?!


New member
Hi to any admins,

Please could you investigate as to why my forum account got banned? I was attempting to update my profile with my new email address. When I saved this, I immediately got banned? (No reason was given)



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Maybe your email contains offensive material? Nah, just kidding. Probably just a bug in the system. You're good to go again, but we'll have to put you on probation :cool: (just kidding again).


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maybe the system got jealous of all the wonderful attention you've gained lately with all of your awesome help to other members of the forum. hahahah

Welcome back, Staticx, and happy new year!


Thanks Radicaltour :)

Sharing my concepts and trading styles with others to crit etc, will hopefully help some poor new guy and will also help me and others become more consistent traders.

We kind of need to team up if we want to be successful in this game. Us little amateurs are no match for them big lads over at corporate. The best we can accomplish is to define systems that can react fast enough to their moves.

I never try and predict, its suicide in this game. Having developed online Casino games for last 9 years, I am all to well aware of the "House Edge" and the sad stories that are associated with guys that think they have discovered the "system to beat the house".


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