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(Discuss) Buying the best software at less than 1 dollar. (Folding)


from the time i joined this website i have gotten nothing less than the spirit of sharing. this forum has stood for a many years and had now become the most popular for sharing paid soft wares. But there is one problem, some softwares are just too expensive that the ones who sacrifice to but do not wish to share them unless they are non profitable indicators but still the person feels the pinch in the stomach. now i am suggesting that we come come up with a collective group when it come to buy some of these indicators. Imagine if we wanted to buy a software of 350$ it would require 350 people only to collect 1$ each or 700 people to collect 0.5$ to buy the software. this way we all share the burden and also get premium software at low price. This theory can apply to robots, copy-trading, signal subscriptions etc. So the golden question is " who will keep the money" well the answer to that is simple, the admin will keep the money to the point of purchase after which the software can be shared among the participants of the fold.


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I think it's perfect
And for transparency administrator can open a gofundme account where we can donate,
I am not saying this because of trust issues, but because it would shut most of the people who might try to create problems
one to one coaching