9 Ways of Forex Trading Which Make Profits

For someone who is new to the Forex trade and for someone who has been in this trade for some time, the thought “Why some people make profits continuously while I incur loss frequently?” is sure to strike then and there. The secret is, ‘they too incur loses but accept it in the right spirit and know it is a part of the game’. The important thing is, while maintaining discipline in the losing periods, they never accept under performance and constantly train themselves to play well.


A good advice for all those who have little or long time in the world of forex.
I will always keep this in mind, since every fall that each of us has, must always keep in mind that it is not a failure, it will be a new opportunity to improve your strategy in the management of your account.


True. Its just in the mind. If you perceive losses as bad it will affect your performance too. We should take in a positive way and rather try to learn from losses. As for consistency in profits, it comes with practice and patience and hard work.
I agree on that. How we take our losses and how much do we learn from them; that directly has an impact on our future trades.